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Positions / Jobs at Mondial Cosmetics

How can I apply for a job or internship at Mondial Cosmetics?

Preferably send us your application by e-Mail to Hfurrer@mondialcosmetics.nl
Alternatively you can send us your cv and application/motivation letter by post to:
Mondial Cosmetics
T.a.v Heidi Furrer
Egelskoog 9
1822BM Alkmaar
The Netherlands

What should your application documents contain?

• Please tell us your earliest possible start day or cancellation period and salary expectation within your motivational letter.
• Please send us your CV and other supporting documents as one PDF-file and ensure it does not exceed the maximum file size of 10 MB.
• Your application should consist of a letter of motivation, CV and relevant references.
• Please reason within your motivational letter, why you want to work for Mondial Cosmetics.

How does the selection process work?

First of all, your application will be centrally registered by our application system. Your CV will then be examined by the HR officer responsible and passed on to the necessary department. A joint decision is made as to whether we see potential in your application for an open position.

When do you hear back from us?

Within a few days, you will receive a reply confirming that your documents have been received. We take time for you and your application – therefore it may take two to four weeks before you hear from us.

What can you expect during the interview?

If we are impressed with your application, you will be invited for an interview. You will talk to employees of the specific department and human resources department.

How do you proceed, if you are interested in more than one job offer?

You are welcome to apply for various job offers. Please send an individual application for each of them.

No matching vacancy?

Visit our website again soon – maybe there will be an appropriate offer in a short while.

Doing business with Mondial Cosmetics

What sets Mondial Cosmetics apart from other suppliers?

Mondial Cosmetics is the largest private label producer in the Netherlands in the area of coloured cosmetics. Mondial has a filling unit in Poland and we employ a number of Quality Assurance Officers in China too.
We have a long history of producing and developing coloured cosmetics, fragrances and customised concepts for clients in the Netherlands, Germany and brands worldwide.

What type of products does Mondial Cosmetics have the capability to develop and produce?

Mondial Cosmetics has a broad capability for developing, filling and producing cosmetics in factories in the Netherlands and Poland. We have a solid network of suppliers in Asia and partners for glass, plastics, printing and packaging in Europe.
We have experience since 1936 in custom formulating and manufacturing cosmetics, bath & body care and medical care products (Mondial Medical Care). For coloured cosmetics, Mondial Cosmetics has the expertise to create and produce everything except cosmetic pencils. Watch our list of production capacties on our ‘planning and production page’.
Together with partners we develop and produce custom fragrance products for private label brands and fashion retailers.

What are Mondial Cosmetics minimum order quantities?

While this does vary somewhat depending on the formula and product, most minimum run sizes average between 5,000 to 10,000 pieces. Mondial Cosmetics capacity and flexibility easily supports programs ranging from 2,500 pieces up to millions of units.

What are regular Mondial Cosmetics lead-times?

Lead-times are driven by many things including the lead-times of the specific raw ingredients used to manufacture each formula, the process for the product being created and the size of your order. Mondial Cosmetics dedicated Sales and Customer Service Teams will guide you through the process and provide you with a timeline from initial development to final shipment.

Does Mondial Cosmetics offer private label?

Private label is usually defined as a readily available stock line of products, the advantage being a very small minimum order quantity and the disadvantage being limited opportunity to customize. Mondial Cosmetics is a custom formulator and manufacturer; everything we develop and produce is according to our customers’ exacting requirements. To support your speed-to-market demands, Mondial Cosmetics offers a very comprehensive library of already developed formulas encompassing most product categories. These formulas are spot on with today’s current market trends and Mondial Cosmetics Sales, Product Development and R&D Teams will work closely with you to align your specific product needs with the formulas that best meet those needs.

How do I see what is in Mondial Cosmetics on-trend product library?

Mondial Cosmetics creative process is innovative, impactful and interactive. Mondial Cosmetics experienced Sales, R&D and Product Development Teams are ready to meet with you, review your brands positioning and product needs and select for you those products that will work best for you. Mondial Cosmetics provides trend presentations designed to inspire and simplify your creative process, detailing what makes each products performance special, the “science behind the beauty”, key active and benefit ingredients, “free-of” ingredients, options to customize, and package recommendations.

Does Mondial Cosmetics offer turn-key?

Mondial Cosmetics expertise and focus is on the development and manufacture of the products. Mondial Cosmetics can guide you through the package selection process by recommending reliable packaging suppliers and providing input on what would work best for the production process. We have our own inhouse design studio that pro actively designs custom designs that match your brand values.

Does Mondial Cosmetics charge for formula development services?

Whether you select from Mondial Cosmetics on-trend, comprehensive formula library, request a modification to an existing Mondial Cosmetics formula, or together we enter into a custom development program, the goal of Mondial Cosmetics on-site, experienced and innovative R&D and Product Development Teams is to generate successful products for your brand that are produced for you by Mondial Cosmetics. In most cases, there are not separate fees for formula development. Separate fees may apply if the program is canceled after development has begun, if the development investment exceeds anticipated program volume or if tests for claim substantiation must be made or documentation has to be made for the product. Mondial Cosmetics Sales Team will work with you from the onset to define expectations, deliverables and timing.

How can Mondial Cosmetics help me start my own product line?

Mondial Cosmetics’ dedicated and experienced Sales Team is prepared to meet with you, review your business plan and product needs and work in alignment with you to determine how best Mondial Cosmetics can help. Mondial Cosmetics is proud to be strategic partners with many successful brands worldwide, working together to launch entire lines, amazing promotions and best selling trend products.

Can I have bulk product made elsewhere and sent to Mondial Cosmetics for filling only?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us regarding the details and our team can assist you.

Can I store my products or packaging at your premises?

Under some conditions it is possible to store your products or packaging at our premises.

Quality issues

Made in the Netherlands; Does this mean that the raw materials used in the cosmetics were also made in that country?

No, this packaging indication does not extend to raw materials. Mondial Cosmetics uses carefully selected raw materials from around the world. All must satisfy exacting quality standards to be used. Rest assured that Mondial Cosmetics carries out careful quality control in every factory, regardless of the country.

How is the product tested?

We provide physical, chemical and microbiological tests in our laboratories. Visual appearance, odour, pH, density and viscosity, stability testing, preservative efficacy testing and microbiological in use and miss use tests are tested on all our QA samples randomly selected from production lines.

What about confidentiality of the formulation?

A confidentiality agreement is signed at the beginning of the process to protect your information. Your information is not disclosed to other parties.

Where can I find the list of ingredients contained in your products?

The ingredient list (INCI) can be found on the product or on the packaging of every product and can be viewed directly in stores with the help of the Sales Staff.

I have a Quality related question, tho whom can I adress my question?

Our Q&A department will answer your question. Please send your question to helzinga@mondialcosmetics.nl or post to:
Mondial Cosmetics
t.a.v. Hans Elzinga
Egelskoog 9
1822 BM Alkmaar
The Netherlands

Product info

Does Mondial Cosmetics test on animals?

It is forbidden by law to test cosmetics on animals. Mondial Cosmetics does not test any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals and has been at the forefront of alternative methods for over 30 years.  

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes, all of our products are cruelty-free. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals and we do not retail in any country that requires animal testing.

Do you use parabens in your products?

No. We use the best possible ingredients in our products and thoughtful formulation with minimal to no preservatives.

Are your products vegan?

On specific request we can offer products that are Vegan. Not all the products we currently produce are vegan or have completely vegan ingredients. Please ask for posibilities for your specific product.

Do you have a product catalogue?

No, we develop customised products. We have no standard range of finished products ready to be labeled or packed. If you are interested in our formula libary or specific product examples, please contact us for making an appointment to discuss your specified request.


I am a supplier and would like to get in touch with Mondial Cosmetics to see what we can offer for your company

We are always curious for new ingredients, printing options or good suppliers that can help meet our clients needs. Please send a request for an appointment to

We will respond to your request within a short term. Please don’t visit our factory without making an appointment; we like to make time for potential suppliers but have to be selective with our time and work capacity.

Press / Information

I am a journalist or publicist and want to make an article about your production facility

Please send your request to info@mondialcosmetics.nl . Please describe which specific issues you would like to film or questions you want to have answered. We’ll get back to you to answer what’s possible.

I am student and need info for a school project

Please send your request to info@mondialcosmetics.nl . Please describe which specific information you would like te receive. It is not possible to visit the factory or make videos or pictures of the production process. We can provide imagery on special requests for educational purposes. You are free to use this website for information about Mondial Cosmetics.

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