Mondial develops and produces high-quality concepts customised to clients’ preferences in coloured cosmetics, lifestyle care and fragrances.


The quality and cosmetological functionality of its products are vital important , so Mondial constantley maintains and updates its standards of quality. Mondial is ISO, BRC, GMP and BSCI certified.

Mondial Constantly monitors the latest innovations released by the big name brands, by;


following the premium, high-end and niche brands, watching trends, checking stores, etc.


so it becomes clear which ingredients, claims and technologies are used to produce the innovation.


Innovations into customised product concepts for its clients – and its clients’ clients. Mondial creates its concepts for retail chains and other generic and premium brands in a wide range of sectors (in the Netherlands and internationally), making our innovative cosmetics and fragrance products accessible to a larger audience.

Since Mondial controls and manages the entire process, from product development to a total concept, we are able to supply products customised entirely according to the preferences of any brand or retailer. The combination of coloured cosmetics, lifestyle care and fragrances makes us unique in the Netherlands and abroad.