A distinctive product should be based on unique formulations. Our R&D department develops products that are on-trend, as well as products that set trends by being innovative, based on our years of knowledge and experience, high-quality raw materials, and the latest technical developments. We work with a professional makeup artist in this process: Joeri Vanhove. Mondial pursues proactive development, ensuring we can always offer products that are completely on-trend. And we develop customised products tailored fully to client preferences.

On request, we can include specific standards and guidelines (such as natural cosmetics, fair trade, ECOCERT, or BDIH).


‘As a Cosmetic Chemist I take pride in our work at the R&D. We provide an endless possibility of different products and wide range of techniques and expertise. We also make sure we formulate with the latest ingredients.’

Cosmetic Chemist
Mondial Cosmetics