Get your own private label Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Fraiche or Body splash and expand the...
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Bring a touch of elegance to your customers home with a unique Room Fragrance. Air Freshner Diffusers, Room Sprays, Linen...
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Nothing as relaxing as a soothing bath or refreshing shower. Mondial offers a wide selection of bath & shower products....
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Mondial Cosmetics


To strengthen your brand you can create your own fragrance with Mondial Cosmetics. We will take you to a journey of designing a unique perfume concept step by step. Bringing the world of fragrances and experts closer to our customers is our mission. We are an experienced supplier of face and body cosmetics and fragrances with a track record of succesfull launches for our clients. Our customers include not only drugstores and beautystores, but also fashion or fashion related brands, retail chains and colleague manufacturers.

As a supplier we guide you through the process of composing a unique scent, customised to your briefing and build up with notes that will not only appeal to your senses but of course also to your target group. Any story starts with an idea, a mood, memory or inspiration. Translating a concept into a product is what we love to do. We work closely with international fragrance houses and can rely on experts to create a unique and excellent perfume oil. A perfume would not be complete without a remarkable packaging. An elegant bottle or a beautifully printed box. It makes the experience of a scent complete. Whether the packaging is sourced or uniquely designed; a mockup will help you to visualize and test the desired end result until it’s a real and truly unique product. Our studio and product development department work closely together during a project. We keep a close eye on trends and are up to date with the latest developments. Your sales contact will be available to guide the briefing and brainstorm sessions. All the ingredients for a successful fragrance launch are located under one roof.

Gives us a call, a sketch, a hint or a dream; You’re our inspiration. We love to firestart you’re adventure!